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Dec 12, 2012 8:00am PST
a cooling process? end with a p. yup. begin with a y. - yup. - yup. yet the question is begged, what's heating and what's cooling. yes. tell your friends that when you're cooking some tea and you're boiling some water, and they come by, say, "what are you doing?" "oh, i'm cooling off the water." they'll say, "you're what?" "i say i'm cooling off the water." and they look at it and see all the bubbles coming out. "you're cooling the water?" say, "yeah, i'm cooling the water." put your hand above. "ooh, i burned myself." you know why you burned yourself? you say, "because heat came from the water." that's what i mean by cooling. see, i got the fire underneath, that's heating the water. that's the part that's heating the water. but the boiling process does what? cools the water. honey, the boiling takes away all the energy. to say you take energy from something is to say you cool it. if red-hot lava is coming down the mountain and it cools, does that mean it's cold? no, but it's cooling as it's coming down. and your boiling water is cooling as it boils. isn't that neat? that's why i use
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1